Tulsa Drillers vs. Frisco Roughriders at ONEOK Field

Tulsa Drillers vs. Frisco Roughriders Tickets

ONEOK Field | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Can you sense the roar of the crowd as fans prepare for Tulsa Drillers vs. Frisco Roughriders, a season-deciding fixture between two Baseball titans? Well the only way you can experience this unique game is at the world famous ONEOK Field on Friday 13th May 2022! These two teams have been one upping each other for years trying to get the top spots in the league, so whoever wins this will have some severe bragging rights over the other. If you’re searching for a day out for you and your family and friends with an unforgettable atmosphere and maybe a few home runs, then you’ve found it. Tickets are selling fast as this is anticipated to be a capacity crowd, so to avoid disappointment we suggest booking your tickets as early as possible for the best seats. To get yours now just click the buy now button below!

You won’t believe what you will get to watch when you come to the amazing ONEOK Field for your next live sporting match! This venue has a record of hosting some of the most thrilling games in the league, as well as offering fans the perks and features they demand. You’ll get to savour your choice of refreshments from the variety of top local vendors throughout the arena. The seating has been updated to be among the most comfortable stadium seating in all of Oklahoma. The staff have also been rated as the friendliest for any major venue in Tulsa. Everything you could possibly want can be found at the ONEOK Field.

Tulsa Drillers vs. Frisco Roughriders at ONEOK Field

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